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Hello there, and welcome to our blog! We are the Sonchasers – chasing the Son…get it!? Very cheesy, I know, but it’s true. We are, in any case, going on an adventure in just a few weeks and this is the place to read all about it!

The Sonchasers - Backpacker DTS

Hello friends! This week in the small backpacker town of Kaikoura has been a somewhat quiet one, but a good one still. We love just being part of the community here, both in our hostel and out in Kaikoura. Our hostel, and Kaikoura in general, is not as busy as Tauranga and the Art House, which has made relational ministry a bit frustrating and challenging, but we still do our best with the people we do meet. Making friends is so much fun, and we’ve met a whole bunch of amazing people already!

Unlike in Tauranga, where we had lots of days with nothing planned to do, but would come up with things ourselves as God led us, here in Kaikoura we have had more things scheduled. This week we got to be a part of a prayer and worship meeting in one of the church ladies’ home, a session of bible meditation and the Saturday market. On Sunday we also got to run Sunday school at the New Life Church. The children brought us so much joy, and us being there was a major blessing to the church as well! At the market this week we decided to have multiple things going on as to not be too many people in one place. We handed out free spiritual books and homemade bread and talked to people at one booth, and we also continued a project the other backpacker team started called Faces of Kaikoura. It’s really an attempt to bring people together, a starting point for connection, and it did open up for some good conversations. We have an instagram page where people can tell their stories and what they love about Kaikoura, and this time we also gave out cookies and had a big paper where people could draw or write something. If you want, you can go follow @facesofkaikoura on instagram!

We also got to help at the Lavender Farm a few times this week, which was great as always, and with some gardening at the house of a single mom from church and her son with cerebal palsy. We had so much fun with them, working hard but also praying, singing some worship and just hanging out with them. The son has really stolen all of our hearts, and it was amazing to see how much encouragement we could bring them by being with them. Our time with them was definitely one of the highlights of the week.

Our team has really become a family over these past months. Though we have our disagreements, we have become good at communicating and at just being there for each other. We have formed some deep friendships within this family and know how to listen when somebody needs it, but we also have the most fun together. Whether it is spearfishing for the boys, a ladies night complete with face masks and Titanic, making s’mores over a gas stove on the lookout or celebrating our one and only Mirjam’s birthday, we do know how to enjoy ourselves, and there has been a lot of that this week. The end of outreach is drawing near, and we really want to treasure all of these moments with one another. We do have the best of times on outreach!


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