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Hello there, and welcome to our blog! We are the Sonchasers – chasing the Son…get it!? Very cheesy, I know, but it’s true. We are, in any case, going on an adventure in just a few weeks and this is the place to read all about it!

Celeste Joy Miller

Hello! My name is Celeste Miller (9/1/1999) and I am from Oklahoma in the States (in case there was another one). I’ve lived in New Zealand now for about two years. I originally did my DTS on the North Island of New Zealand in a city called Tauranga at YWAM Furnace. That is one of the reasons I hoped to return to Tauranga for outreach!

After living in Tauranga for a year the Lord opened doors for me to go down to Oxford, New Zealand to serve at the YWAM base there. I originally planned on being there for 3 months before returning to YWAM Furnace, but after a few weeks there I knew Oxford was home!

A few of my favorite things are wildflowers, coffee, the movie Megamind, and National Parks! A few months ago, I spent a week traveling around the Western part of America and visiting as many National Parks (and friends) as I could! My all-time favorite park is Zion National Park in Utah. It’s absolutely stunning and holds many dear memories. During that week is when I really got a love of pursuing beautiful things. And out of that, here I am pursing beauty in nature and beauty in who Jesus is!

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